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02:30pm 08/02/2007
  This journal is just for viewing communities. If you want to find my personal journal just leave a message.  


05:22pm 21/02/2003
  In this season...

there is no laughter.

There are only tears.

a vacuum of immortal existence, as fire breaths its fate upon the living. Some will feel the burn. others will merely disappear as they are charred by ashes of a dream forgotten, one that was clutched tightly in youth and flew away as the time progressed. There is no meaning...no proverbial depth, in stillness, if you question.

I can only find a key to a door which was rusted from disuse...I turn it...and of course the lock is jammed. But I am left to wonder, will I ever ever behold what is behind that door?


03:28pm 19/02/2003